Services Provided at Saw Paediatrics

General Newborn and Routine Baby Checks 

"Is my baby crying excessively?"

"Is my baby's head shape and size normal?"

"Is my baby's poo colour normal?"

"Is this rash on my baby a concern?"

If you have these concerns and need a paediatrician review or a baby check, Dr Saw will be available to answer your questions.

Developmental Assessments‚Äč

Having extensive experience in the field of developmental paediatrics, Dr Saw is a certified user of Griffith's III developmental assessment. He is well-versed with the common paediatric developmental issues ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Specific Learning Disorder and more.

Behavioural concerns are common and the best approach is Behavioural Modification Strategy focusing on positive reinforcement. With the availability of support services at Baby Steps Health Centre, we strive to provide the help and support you and your child need.

Specialist Paediatrics Consults

With years of experience in clinical paediatrics across multiple subspecialties in the field of paediatrics, Dr Saw is able to provide consultation and assessment for your child's health concerns in a holistic manner. From assessment of common cold and ear infection, to more complex paediatric related issues like asthma or childhood seizures control. We are here to help.

Childhood Vaccination Services

Vaccination services are available at our centre. Vaccinating your child is not just important to their own health, but in ensuring an adequate herd immunity to protect the vulnerable. We have routine childhood vaccination and annual flu vaccination available at our centre. 

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